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28th May 2014:
It was a great pleasure to meet and talk to and heal so many wonderful people at the 2014 Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival at London's Earls Court from last Friday to Monday. Here are a selection of video testimonials from some of my healees who had some very interesting healing experiences
In the days following the healing, Annette emailed me the following, lovely messages:
".. arrived at Earls Court yesterday in the exhausted and very low state I had been in for months. After an hour with you my energy and hope had returned. I cannot thank you enough. Last night I woke too early as usual, but put myself back mentally in your healing chair and, amazingly, went back to sleep. I have now been able to get on with household chores that previously seemed so daunting because of the chronic exhaustion."
"Just had a two-day camping/walking trip, impossible to contemplate before I saw you, even wore out my young and very energetic dog, plus slept a whole eight hours on the narrow and not over-comfortable bed in my camper van. And all the time free of the mental nightmare I just couldn't shift on my own. All with many thanks to you."
"During the healing I sensed strong, dancing purple colours.  And I felt there was another presence with you, also that someone held my left hand when you had taken my right one.  Wish I had thought to say all this for the video."
"All still well with me. All the problems I mentioned have eased and I feel even more sensitive to the natural world than I have always been. At the same time I know I have work to do to stay well, am following my intuition with this which is how I came to see you in the first place."
I am looking forward to meeting, talking with and healing you at this year's Mind, Body, Spirit Festival at Earl's Court next week from Friday, May 23rd to Monday, May 26th. You can find me at Stand A4/InnerLight Healing.
If you would like to book an appointment for a taster healing session at Earl's Court on one (or more) of the above dates, please call me on: 07967 563 583.
Below, you will find a selection of video testimonials of some of the wonderful people I had the privilege of healing at last year's festival.
With every single healing, I felt incredibly powerful energies. And many of the following people also felt them...
Video testimonials from Mind Body Spirit Festival 2013:
9th January 2013: Powerful Healing Song -  

Here is a wholly unexpected, virtual collaboration between myself and Polish cellist Filip Merski. I had originally uploaded a youtube video of myself singing a healing hymn from the ancient Indian text the Atharva Veda over a year ago. The melody I came up with seemed to reveal itself very naturally. A couple of days ago, Filip left a very kind message and said he had been inspired to play along on his cello with my singing. He sent me back my video with his cello playing added on. I have to say that I was very impressed with the results and believe the hymn and my singing are enhanced many-fold by Filip's wonderful music. I hope you like it too...

InnerLight Healing™ is a natural, non-invasive meditation therapy without side-effects. It has been effective in healing mind, body and spirit in a variety of ways. InnerLight Healing™ can also effectively boost self-confidence, energy levels and productivity and help you cope with bereavement.


Call or email now for professional, down-to-earth service from Chintan Nanavati - aka 'Chin' or 'Chinhealer' - a Master of Meditation and naturally gifted healer with a wide range of experience treating a variety of patients in an NHS GP’s surgery for nearly 6 years.

Special discount rates for students and senior citizens. Available for home visits and distance healing anywhere in the world.


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The following was recorded on the 16th of July 2010 in Staffordshire after only two InnerLight Healing meditation sessions:



PATIENT UPDATE: I received the following text message from Sarah, who appears in the video above, on the 21st of October 2010:


"Hi Chin, quick update. Have been swimming a lot better, up to 52 lengths 2-3 times a week. [Everything is] g8. I even did a trek 2 the top of mount snowdon, 6hrs. Hope you are well."





Recent Testimonials

(recorded in Lancashire, January 2012.):



(recorded in Lancashire, October 2011):






(recorded at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London's Royal Horticultural Halls in May 2011):


(Recorded at the White Light Event at the MK Dons Stadium in Milton Keynes, 11th July 2010):



(recorded at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London's Royal Horticultural Halls between May 26 and May 31st 2010):














[I healed Yvette towards the end of my busiest day at the festival - Saturday, May 29th. 2010 She emailed me the following very flattering and rather humbling testimonial on June 6th:]




Dear Chintan,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I came to mind, body and spirit with a friend last week Saturday and
after looking around for a while and buying a few bits and pieces I was
drawn to your stand.

I'd walked past it twice but didn't put my name down on your list, the
third time I decided to, but all places were booked up until after 6pm,
but we haid to leave at 5:30. I thought, typical, but something made me
look again, just before I was going to walk off and I saw that someone
had crossed their name off the list at the 4:55 slot which was 20mins
away. Yay!

So I saw you, and during the consultation you asked me if there was
anything that I wanted you to concentrate on in particular. I said no,
but as an afterthought added that I'd had lower back pain for years, I
didn't even think to mention it really because I was so used to it
being there. I actually felt a bit silly mentioning it.

So we had the healing session and you asked me if I'd felt anything.
To be honest I hadn't really, and I told you that. I said I'd felt a
bit of tingling in my ankles, and my back relax a little but that was
it really. Oh and mentioned again as an afterthought (as again I felt
silly mentioning it) that I'd seen a bright light (like a torch shining
into my eyes) but obviously my eyes had been closed, I asked you if the
sun had shone through the skylights for a while, but you said you
hadn't noticed. But that was that, and I was sorry that I couldn't give
you better feedback, but grateful for you taking the time with me

So I left... eventually... after coming back twice, once for my frozen
yogurt and the other for a book recommendation you'd mentioned to me. I
was walking around with my friend for the last 10mins before leaving
and she asked me about my experience. I thought about it and suddenly
realised my back felt better, not 100%, but better than before I'd sat
down, but I just put that down to having sat down for 20mins. So I
explained what happened and said my back felt a bit better and left it
at that.

Anyway we were walking towards the tube station, which I wasn't
looking forward to. because my feet were hurting, and I thought, great,
something else to add to the backache. Then I suddenly thought, hmm
that's strange my back still feels ok, it should be hurting by now. But
again put it down to having sat down for a while.

1 week later and guess what, my lower back still feels great. So I
felt I had to write to you to thank you, because I can't remember the
last time I felt so relaxed. I am so grateful. I think I must have been
quite miserable for years, unknowingly, hahaha! It's really nice now,
like a burden has been lifted.

I was a bit scared to go to the gym as usual on Monday though, as I
was fully prepared for the pain to come back afterwards, but then I
figured that if it came back at least I'd enjoyed a couple of pain free
days and was grateful for that. However it was fine, and I've been to
the gym twice this week. I still have the presence of an ache in that
area, not the chronic pain I get, more a muscular discomfort, it could
even be psychological (like a phantom pain) since I'm so used to it
being there, but even so, it's NOTHING like it used to be, nowhere
near!! I've been out clubbing, I've stood for long periods of time and

I never thought I'd ever experience a miracle, but this is certainly
what it feels like. Even though, I was in a situation before that
friends have also called a miracle some years ago - I was in the Kings
Cross bombing in 2005 in the actual carriage where someone decided to
blow themselves up. I was maybe 4 to 5 feet away from the bomber, but I
survived with scratches - I thought I was lucky but others think it was
something more. I am obviously grateful everyday, that I'm still here
however. Yet somehow this feels different, I can't quite put my finger
on why though, but it doesn't matter.

I am very happy that I met you, thank you and bless you!

Kind regards





[I received another email on June 12th in which, happily, Yvette wrote:




"Dear Chintan,

Thank you for your email, I will definitely keep in touch if I need more healing. And please feel free to use my email, as a testimonial, it's the least I can do to say thank you.

My back is still feeling good, and I can still hardly believe it! But thank you once again, I will always be grateful."]







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