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I had to take early retirement from my job as a secondary school teacher. I could no longer do the work that I loved.
Following a disagreement with my previous GP [physician], I changed practices. It was during a consultation with my new GP that I was made aware of Chintan Nanavati, an Energy Healing Therapist.
I have always been prepared to try anything that would be of benefit to myself and duly booked an appointment with him.
During the appointment, I was asked a lot of relevant questions and, at this stage, I informed Chintan of my fears. I really can’t find the words to describe what happened during therapy. I was relaxed, aware of soft, gentle music playing and aware of Chintan’s voice talking to me, taking me on a mental journey through my own body.
After leaving the consultation, I feel unable to describe exactly how I felt – rather strange would perhaps be the only term that comes to mind, but in a very nice way.

There have been many other changes that occurred as a result of my consultations with Chintan. I have regained my self-confidence, I am sleeping better, [am able to] communicate [better] and I feel that I am now in control of my life again. I feel that Chintan's therapy played an enormous role in speeding things up. I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending both Chintan and Energy Healing Therapy.

A.B.M., B.Sc., B.Ed., Stafford, UK.


Energy Healing has been very useful for me. I have a lot more energy than I used to have and I can go into very deep states of relaxation through the meditations you have taught me. Thank you so much for all your help!

A.F., Stafford, Staffs, UK.

Having suffered for nearly 35 years, I felt that by attending [your clinic] I couldn’t lose anything; [I could] only gain.
On my first attendance, I followed your instructions and concentrated accordingly. At the end I felt relaxed and slightly sleepy. I tried to follow your instructions at home but, initially, did not quite get the same result. However, over the following sessions, I began to feel more benefit.
At the time I started the sessions I had, for longer than I can remember, been unable to sleep properly at night. If I went to bed early, I could not sleep at all, but if I went at about midnight, I would get to sleep at about 4 or 5am.
The result being that I felt very drained of energy and suffered pain in my joints. I decided that because of my poor sleep pattern, I would try some of your techniques when lying in bed. I now find that I can get to sleep and, as a result, I am now feeling very much better [and] more rested.
I would recommend Energy Healing as a course of treatment providing that patients are prepared to give it 100% effort.

R.A.P., Stafford, Staffs, UK.


Dear Chintan,
You probably thought I was never going to send this, but I have been trying to think how I could say how much you have helped me without appearing to be over-the-top in my praise, because I really do feel fantastic.
When I first visited the clinic, I was intrigued to see how you could help me to relax and to combat the tiredness I was experiencing. I did already know some relaxation techniques, but could not get them to work. I used to imagine sitting on a beach, listening to the sea and feeling the warmth of the sun. Lately, I had even been unable to “sit” on the beach – I could not relax enough to visualize this.
At that first visit, you took such care to reassure me about what you intended to do to help me. Your manner inspired confidence. When you passed your hands by me, I felt a warmth. At the second visit, this warmth was like basking in the sun – it was so strong and positive.
I have used the relaxation technique you gave me often since then and it has made a tremendous difference to me. Now, whenever I feel tired or stressed, I make the time to do this and feel relaxed and much more positive.
I have also used the affirmation technique whereby I tell myself I am full of energy. I find this works best when I am walking home at the end of the day. It’s only a mile or so but, at times, it seems longer! Then, I tell myself I am full of energy and step out with renewed vigour. I have also used this when out walking for pleasure.
You have helped me to take positive action to help myself to deal with the tiredness and to recognize when I need to relax. You told me I would be empowered and that is just how I do feel.
Thank you so much for the help you have given me. I had told a friend that I was to attend your clinic and she was very impressed and wished that more surgeries ran these. I have continued with the meditation, usually before I go to sleep. I find that I then have the most restful and deepest sleep. I wake up refreshed and feel so peaceful then. Far better than any pills or potion!
I hope all goes well with you. Keep up the good work – you have a true gift.
Take care,

D.P., Stafford, Staffs, UK.


Since I began seeing Chintan in April, my family and I have all noticed a gradual change in me. I was extremely apprehensive about what was going to happen to me at my first session. I need not have worried! I left feeling re-energised. It felt strange saying the affirmations to myself at the beginning, as I found it difficult to find anything good to say about myself which I believed to be true. However, as time passed I have found it easier to think of things to say and I do believe them and it makes me feel good about myself to say them.
Chintan has helped me to find my own place of serenity where I know I can go if I feel things are getting on top of me. When I go there, my burdens are lifted and I know I can cope with all things thrown my way. I look forward to my 15 minutes of “me” time in my special place each night.
With Chintan’s help and guidance, I feel I have been able to re-direct my negative energy and I now have a more positive outlook on all aspects of my life.
I have been told that I seem “different” now and I am. I am different from within and I like the person I see now.

S.D., Stafford, Staffs, UK.


For a number of years I have been suffering. During 2005, these problems became more acute due to external pressures at home and work.
I... was luckily referred to Chintan as my GP thought that I would respond to a natural alternative form of therapy.
I have had about 7 half-hour sessions, learning a range of meditation techniques. I do the meditations for 20 minutes every day. I also add a daily routine of positive affirmations which helps provide a mild boost.
I have been doing this for 3 months now... At work, I generally feel better in myself and less anxious, but I’m still finding that some presentations at work are getting me overly anxious, particularly during the night before and the lead-up to the presentation. Notwithstanding this, I feel that my general well-being is much improved.
C.S., Stafford, Staffs, UK.

[I spoke to C.S. on 14th July 2011, a few years after I last saw him for healing. He told me: "I am so much calmer and more relaxed at work. And so much more balanced - all thanks to you! I was so inspired by how you helped me that I have undertaken courses in hypnotherapy and counselling myself - I have really turned my life around with your help!"]


I have been seeing Chintan for about 6 months now and, over time with his help, I have learned and am still learning how to heal myself.
I have learned to control my anxieties far more successfully – I am able to assess situations in a far more orderly and controlled manner. Rather than ‘exploding’ like a bottle of pop, I have – on most occasions – learned how to withdraw from a situation, consider my feelings and those of others and their point of view and return more able to put over my views without becoming upset and possibly offending others.
Chintan has taught me how to focus on healing myself from the inside. I have more energy now and I have been able to start looking to the future more positively. I have been able to start resolving old issues and feelings which have festered for many years and I am learning to laugh again.
The difference in my attitude towards individuals and situations has been so significant that a lot of people – particularly the team I work with – have commented on how much ‘nicer’ a person I am and how much easier it is to work with me. With regard to the team I work with, I believe that the change in my attitude has helped to make us a team rather than a group of unsettled people trying to work together. The team spirit helps us overcome the day-to-day trials which we face together – we support each other.
I have Chintan to thank for this ‘transformation’. I have been able to talk to him about my feelings and experiences in a way that I have not been able to talk to others and he has shown me how to face my feelings and then let them go.
I would like to thank Chintan for the way he is helping me learn to take control of my life again.

C.O., Stafford, Staffs, UK.

Dear Chintan,
I’m writing to thank you very much for the help and advice you’ve given me over the weeks I’ve been coming to see you. You’ve taught me how to find time to meditate and relax. With the help you’ve given me, I’ve learned to help myself to overcome the tension. I came to see you with an open mind as to your method of healing, but now I shall always be very grateful to you for the help you’ve given me.
Thank you,

B S., Stafford, UK.


I had no idea what Energy Healing involved. I wanted a [therapy] that did not involve prolonged time off work.
I was on the verge of quitting both my job and my studies and leaving the UK and moving five thousand miles away to live with my parents. In fact, my mother had suggested if the situation did not improve in the following days, she would have arranged the flights for me.

Prior to this, I had worked full-time and studied part-time for about eighteen months. I believe my problems were caused by short staffing and a heavy workload in my job as administrator with a local company, which then began to impact on the rest of my life. It also started to cause friction between myself and my flatmate.

As previously mentioned, I had no idea about what the energy healing involved when I went to my first appointment with Chintan. The healing I received that day had an almost immediate effect on me. I arrived at the surgery after an unscheduled quality systems audit which I felt had gone badly, partly due to a lack of support from my manager in implementing previously advised amendments to the quality procedure. However, rather than having my night ruined by what had happened at work, I was able to put the event behind me and have a normal evening at home. The next day, I had a really bad day triggered by an argument with my flatmate and spent the day crying. I was unable to do the meditation that Chintan had suggested. On the following day, (a Sunday) I felt better and was able to do the meditation, just for about five minutes in the first instance. I continued with the meditation and began to feel better.

In the first few months of the healing I continued to experience difficulties, but gradually began to feel better. One of the things that Energy Healing has done for me is that it allowed me to distance myself from certain situations that occur in my life. I had previously tried to do something about many of the things that were going wrong at work. Energy Healing has helped me to step back from problems and to leave work out when I do not consider it to be a reasonable requirement. Energy Healing has also helped me to do this at home. My improvement has also improved my relationship with my flatmate and there is now a lot less tension at home.

I don’t know how Energy Healing worked, but I do know that it has made a difference in my life. Rather than revisiting my problems, Energy Healing has allowed me to move on from the problems that built up in both my work and private life, but which were caused by my problems at work. My problems, which began more than three years ago, started in a previous job in the form of harassment and bullying, but followed me to this job in the form of a lack of confidence (and assertiveness) and general inability to cope with the increased workload and staff shortages that resulted from restructuring in May 2003. Energy Healing has helped me to regain my confidence and my sense of self-preservation. With Chintan’s help, I was able to continue in my job as well as study for my June examinations.

While I still experience problems, Energy Healing has given me coping mechanisms. I am now able to ignore some of the minor problems that I experience, which allows me to deal with the more serious ones. I am now less neurotic that I have been in years.

Another (unexpected) outcome of the Energy Healing is that the arachnophobia I have suffered from ever since I can remember is not as severe as it once was. Previously, I could not even look at a picture of a spider, but since the healing I have been able to watch parts of a documentary of a spider on TV.

I have now decided to leave the UK, but feel that this is the result of a considered choice rather than because there is no alternative. I will continue with the meditation for the rest of my life and would like to thank Chintan for helping me to get this far.

‘Chloe’, aged 27, Stafford, Staffs, UK.


Dear Mr Nanavati,
I would like to thank you for assisting me... over the last few weeks.
I have found the process [of Energy Healing] most beneficial and helpful in coping...

Once again, thank you.

J.D., Stafford, Staffs, UK.


Dear Chintan,
I am writing to thank you for the help you have given me recently. Although I only had a few sessions with you, I did find them very useful in assisting me to cope with [what] I was facing.
Looking inwards, plus learning how to detach oneself... certainly helped me to relax and gain a little respite, which made all the difference.
Your advice and easygoing manner with which it was given, made the sessions enjoyable as well as therapeutic. I will remember and use the relaxation methods and I know that these will help me in everyday life as well as helping to get through difficult times.
I thank you once again and wish you all the best with your practice and the clients you treat.

Best Regards,

G.T., Stafford, Staffs, UK.


Dear Chintan,
Just a few lines to say thank you for the Energy Healing sessions I had with you. The healing energy helped me... I feel the healing energy does and did help me to overcome a lot... I am now a lot more relaxed and happy. I am able to enjoy my life again.
Thank you once again for helping me to achieve this. I would certainly recommend Energy Healing Therapy – it’s worth it.

Yours sincerely,

E.M., Stafford, UK