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A: In my experience, the bottom line where Tarot is concerned is TRUTH. Tarot acts as a focusing tool for my psychic senses and enables me to work closely with spirit guides (both mine and yours) to help build up a narrative picture of your life, circumstances, problems, issues, relationships etc.

On occasion, I like to tune in directly to the spirit realm in order to pick up psychic impressions. But with a psychic/clairvoyant reading of that kind, there's no guarantee regarding the information that comes through. And I'm not so desperate to please you that I'll make up information to satisfy you.

So, if you have specific questions or want help in making specific decisions, a Tarot read from me is your best bet. I should stress that neither Tarot nor I like to dictate. I will not tell you what to do as a result of consulting Tarot. Rather, I will present a series of questions to Tarot and will offer guidance accordingly. You retain your free will at all times. That is how you (and I) will stay psychologically healthy!




A: As with practically any tool you can think of (psychic or otherwise) it is possible to use Tarot for negative or harmful ends. Much depends on the intent of the Tarot reader. I re-emphasize that, as with all of my work in the esoteric/supersensory/energetic/healing field, I use Tarot with loving intent and with the fundamental aim of helping others.

Live and Let Dieis probably my favourite James Bond film but, unfortunately, for an entire generation of moviegoers, it has single-handedly created a hugely misleading image of Tarot in the popular consciousness.

The way I consult Tarothas absolutely nothing to do with Black Magic or 'the Devil'. As is the case with all Tarot cards, the The Devil and Death cards can carry a multitude of meanings depending on your particular circumstances, the overall tenor of a particular reading or even the way that questions are framed.

Certainly, there is no need to fear Tarot. In fact, if you do fear Tarot or have any doubts about a Tarot reader's ethics or intentions, then please look elsewhere for guidance. It is important that you approach the paranormal in a positive, loving and fear-free way. So, no, I don't believe that consulting Tarot will bring evil into your life any more than consulting a solicitor or a doctor or an accountant will. (Actually, in many instances, consulting a solicitor, doctor or accountant with evil intent can be far more harmful!)


Q: My religion/church/priest forbids me from having any dealings with Tarot. Will I be punished by God for dabbling with the dark side?


A: Firstly, I don't accept that Tarot, per se, has anything inherently to do with the 'dark side'.

But, sure, if you have such fears of reprisals from a vengeful God in the afterlife/on Judgement Day, then don't consult Tarot. We each have to construct a code and beliefs to live by - I don't intend to denigrate your own, personal codes or beliefs. I would respectfully suggest, however, that most religions and many priests/holy men and women have a vested interest in telling you how to feel and behave and what to think. It makes you a lot easier to control. I don't like the idea of handing over my personal responsibility or freedom or thinking or power to anything or anybody else. Especially any institution or individual that forbids me from doing things. I'm quite big enough and ugly enough to make up my own mind about things, thanks very much!


DISCLAIMER: Chintan consults the Tarot for entertainment purposes only. Clients should never rely exclusively on Tarot for making decisions, but should always use their own judgement and discernment. Consulting the Tarot is never a suitable substitute for proper legal, medical or other professional advice. Copyright Chintan Nanavati and InnerLight Healing 2010